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Consulting Services for Designing EXPERIENCES in Travel!



  We're not just another travel agency!

In the old days, travel agencies were exactly that - AGENTS for the airlines.
They worked as airline booking engines before the days of the Internet.

We are not a booking engine! We offer CONSULTING services to help you plan that perfect travel experience.
We will COME TO YOU and meet with you to get to know your travel style and personality so we can design the perfect travel experience to match what you are looking for! We will then keep your profile on file - and be your personal travel concierge for the rest of your life! You can then just pick up the phone and call us when you are ready to travel again because we will always KNOW that you prefer the aisle seat on the plane or the upper floors in the hotel, as well as the types of activities you like to do once you get there!

Our specialties include:
COUPLES - looking for a romantic getaway, honeymoon, or anniversary trip.
GROUPS - looking for a LEADER to organize or escort their trip
(destination weddings, friends, family reunions, business/sales team reward trips, class reunions, golf trips, ski trips, scuba trips)

We're here for you every step of the way -- before, during, and after your trip!


Owner: Robin Beard

Robin has been planning travel for over 13 years. She is a snow skier, a scuba diver, and an avid cruiser; but her greatest love is all-inclusive resorts. She truly believes the all-inclusive resort provides the ultimate pampering vacation for anyone! In addition to planning travel, she has worked as a wedding coordinator at her church for many years and understands the needs of young couples as they plan their weddings and honeymoons. Her organizational, planning research skills are second to none and she believes in giving you personalized service before, during, and after your trip