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Wedding Date:
Monday, July 17, 2017



Plan Your Vacation & Join Us For Our Destination Wedding
on the beachfront of this beautiful Caribbean resort
Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Beaches Ocho Rios
A Spa, Golf & Waterpark Resort ! Resort
This is a 5-Star "All-inclusive" Family Resort -- which includes all of your meals, drinks, alcohol, water sports, entertainment, taxes, and gratuities!

We have made special arrangements with Robin Beard of ROPAKELE Travel for our own private group amenities so we request that all travel reservations be made through her. See the details to the right.

Please make your reservation as soon as possible .
There will be no guarantee of room availability since we are not holding rooms.

Passports are required to travel.
It takes 4 to 6 weeks to get a passport.
Click here for more info on how to get a passport.

What To Do Next

1. Click here to learn about the resort, see room options, and pricing.

2. NOTE: You MUST have a passport to go on this trip. However, you do not need to have your passport before you book this trip. You only need to know the EXACT name that WILL BE on your passport! So PLEASE book your trip ASAP.

3. Click here to fill out a Client Information Form for each person in your room (you will need to know the EXACT name that IS or WILL BE on your passport)

4. Call Robin to discuss the details of your trip
or click here to email her!

First deposit: $400 per room as soon as possible!

Second payment: $1,000 per room by March 10, 2017

Final balance is due by
May 12, 2017

(convenient monthly payment plans available)

Flights should be purchased early to insure lowest price. The full payment for flights is due at the time of purchase.
(You can book your own flights or call Robin if you need help)